My name is Billy B Duck, Sr. I was born in March of 1943 in Cushing, Texas on my families farm, and delivered at home by a midwife.  Both my parents were deaf and I was taught sign language in order to communicate with them.  I had 4 brothers and 3 sisters.  Having been raised by two deaf parents was a great challenge and taught me much independence, as well as instilled in me a strong motivation for my future journey in life.  From Cushing, Texas my family moved to Houston where I attended South Houston High School and graduated.

That summer after graduation I joined the Navy with my best friend Billy Ray Johnson in 1962.  I attended  Boot Camp in San Diego, California.  My travels in the service consisted of 3 tours, including serving in the Vietnam war.  Met my wife in Mission Beach,  San Diego, CA.   She was an emigrant from El Salvador, Central America.  We married in 1964 and in time raised two boys. She became a US citizen upon completion of required courses, and passed with 100 percent.  She had taught herself to read and write English from comic books.  She was a very smart woman, and a wonderful mother and an adoring grandmother who became very ill and unfortunately passed on in 2001 at the young age of 59.
Sadly, I lost my oldest son in a car accident leaving behind three grandchildren whose Mother passed shortly after, which left me helping to raising them.  My youngest son also has three children making me the grandfather of 5, along with 10 great grand children whom I love and adore.  Being a grandfather has been one of my greatest joys in life.

I worked as a welder for years before moving my family to Oregon 1972.  I decided to get my Real Estate license and that changed my life.  It was the best career decision I ever made.  Since 1987 I was a full time Realtor/Broker working in many different office until I opened my own office (Central Valley Realty) in 2000.  In 2007 I retired. 

During my career I bought and sold many personal homes and rental properties.  That gave me great hands-on experience throughout my business.  Most of my client base was working with farms and ranches, as well as commercial businesses, restaurants, motels and income rental properties.  Having been a multi-million dollar producer in Douglas County for decades I can't count how many homes I have listed and sold.  It seemed the time had come to retire but as time wore on I have missed the business, I miss meeting folks and helping them find what they are searching for ... a dream home, a future, a new change and challenge in life.

In 2019 I made the decision to go back to work and began to study for my real estate tests.  In 2020 I had my license back and was very excited to return to what I truly enjoyed.  Unfortunately it wasn't long after that COVID-19 shut everything down and for months I 'Sheltered In Place'.  Now things are finally opening up again, safely, and I am more than eager to step out there and do what my heart desires.  And I promise to respect your safety in the best possible manner I can.  

It will be a challenge - as well as a fulfillment - to help others move forward during this time.  I have a strong faith that this is where I am needed and I intend to do my best to continue serving buyers and sellers in their life journey.


Looking Forward To Meeting You!


Bill Duck, Realtor/Broker
E-mail: billybduck@yahoo.com

Oregon Lic: 801104138

Currieco Real Estate Inc.
Roseburg, OR 97471
Office: 541-784-2284



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